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By Nick Vye …
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Every living thing has a soul, or state of awareness i.e. – consciousness. The final part of its development is the human state of consciousness, which then has the ability to reach first the Self-Realized – State, and then the God-Realized – State.

Below the human state we have the Animal Kingdom next the Nature Kingdom and below that the Mineral Kingdom. Imagine being a stone, you would only be aware of cold, heat, wet or dry, so you can see the expansion of awareness through the different Kingdoms of God.

Soul in itself is a perfected atom that needs all the above experiences to come to the realisation of itself and rejoin its creator God. This is why physicists, can only split the atom but not destroy it. Today they have an Atomic Weighing Scale so accurate to parts of a gram. When they weighed someone who was about to die before, then again after death, they found the reading showed that something had left the body at the time of death. Okay, they don’t know what it was, but for me it was the soul of that person, leaving the physical body and travelling into the inner planes of consciousness. It will at sometime re-enter, at the birth, the body of a new born baby, through the soft spot of a baby’s head; to reincarnate again to develop its awareness and experiences on its continuing journey back to the God Realized State, where it will merge again into the Creator.

This soft spot on the top of a baby’s head is known spiritually as the Crown Chakra, but closes up again as the child grows. When you become spiritually aware this opens up again and enables you to experience other states of consciousness and also to leave the body and travel into other dimensions – planes. This is why young children are much more aware of the spiritual worlds as they are still experiencing them.

This is my own knowledge through studying with Ascended Masters. Each person must find their own truth.

With love light and peace to you all.

Nick Vye Sanctuary.

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