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Table Top Sale at Seabreeze Restaurant and Bar helps the Dog Whisperer


By Chris Elliott…..

Following the appeal from Rob Astley last week asking for donations and support for the Table Top Sale, held at the Seabreeze Restaurant and Bar in Kucuk Erenkoy on Monday 15th October, we received the following report and photos from Richard Beale.

“I am enclosing some photos of the Table Top Sale held at Seabreeze, Kucuk Erenkoy on Monday 15th October where Claire Lamb raised 7,115TL in donations from the sales made and there was also a donation of 7,500TL from Catherine Wood making a grand total of 14,615TL to help Rob Astley, The Dog Whisperer, to care, feed and have the stray dogs vaccinated.

I am sure Rob Astley would like to say a very big thank you to everyone that came to the Seabreeze event and made it such a huge success.”


When it comes to fund raising, social media pages like Facebook can play a major role in spreading news and we have now learned from Rob (Robert) Astley the Dog Whisper that following the Table Top Sale at Seabreeze Restaurant he made another successful appeal as shown below and he was delighted to see a total of 15,000TL being raised in total to support his quest to care for local street animals.

“Facebook posting by Robert Astley

OK there is this game that Claire Lamb plays, I have 7,115TL from the sale I also have around 7,500TL from Catherine Wood that’s 14,615TL who wants to pledge 400TL so I can give the vet a round 15,000TL?

First to reply wins!

Reply from John Turk Donaldson

I will mate!”