August 17, 2022


By Nick Vye …
Sanctuary …

Real truth cannot be written or spoken. It is a realisation of knowing. Anything written or spoken about here is only a limited version of real truth.

Okay, there are aspects of it we can learn from. Truth changes on each level of awareness, also in time and space. What we thought of as truth in some areas fifty years ago has been now found to be different. Also what you read or hear is not your truth, it is that of someone else, Example: (second hand) their truth. We each must go within ourselves to find it. Another biblical quote (The Kingdom of God is within you). So we must search within ourselves to discover these answers.

There are many false prophets in the world, who try to control others by false promises etc. Also they feed on the energy of their devotees to boost their own charisma. We often read in the newspapers of these cults and what happens to their followers, suicides, mental breakdowns and neurosis are some of the experiences they can go through. The biggest folly of mankind, is the belief that there religions or teachings that are the right and only way to God. If we do not accept what they say we are heathens and must be killed. How can they call themselves spiritual, when they are so far away from the truth, and that their religion is the only way; when we all come from the same ultimate source of divinity, a spark of the God force.

We can get encouragement, guidance and help from books, teachers and spiritual masters, but in the end we must each walk and find our own path to truth.

With love light and peace, Nick Vye Sanctuary

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