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More International cleaning in Huzurevi beach Lapta area


By Chris Elliott……

It was great to see that Diana Suyunshalina posted the following news about cleaning on the Huzurevi beach area near Lapta  into the No Straws North Cyprus Facebook page.

Increasingly we are seeing more and more news of beach cleaning and the desire of many, many people to see a Clean Cyprus so for those readers of this article who would like to become  involved, do reach on Facebook to No Staws North Cyprus on Facebook and offer your help and support.


Another great day!!!

“Thank you to all our Russian, English and Turkish friends. So much fun to do this together. We expected about 10 people, but more than 40 people came. And we didn’t even have time to do a lot of posts. That means that people do care for the island.

We don’t know many English and Turkish Facebook groups, so the majority of people were Russian, so everybody please share this all over.

Let more people know about our group. There are many other people who care for Northern Cyprus, and would like to participate in cleaning, but they might not know about our group.

Thank you to our Mayors, Mustafa Aktuğ and Firat Ataser for supporting and providing us with everything we needed. With your cooperation we can achieve a lot.

We had a lot of messages from all over Northern Cyprus, that people there also want to clean up, but they don’t know how to do it, and where to find other people.

We would like to say, that they can start posts on our page No Straws North Cyprus. And we can share it all over in our Russian, Turkish and English groups. Three weeks ago there were only three of us. And by now around a hundred of people participated in cleaning and thousands have seen about it.

In less than three weeks we’ve cleaned four beaches. They can connect us, and we will try to do our best to attract as many people as possible. Even if one person posts about the next cleaning several people might come. The more people that know about our activities the more volunteers can join us all over the island.

There are two ways: you can blame all the politicians and the system and wait for them to do something, or you can just come for one hour, and clean and make the places cleaner, and later every time when you see it, you feel joy.

When the first three of us started cleaning around Camelot it took us about 7 days. But when we cleaned Huzurevi beach it took less than 1 hour, because more than 40 people came.”