Why I don’t mind waiting my turn at the Bank!


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

I was waiting in a bank just nearby to pay some bills. There were just two persons ahead of me. I understand they also had some bills to pay. Although I had to rush back to my workplace, I knew that I had had to wait for my number.

Then two young men entered the bank. They took their numbers, and sat on the chairs next to me. Not even a few minutes had passed when they started showing signs of being displeased by waiting, although both of them had their cell phones in their hands and were constantly busy on them, but they did not want to wait for their turn. A few minutes later they started talking to each other and complaining of the system of waiting in the bank. One of them told other that he should have paid the bills through the internet, and  it was his mistake to come to the bank.

I was listening to all of this conversation going on.

True, the present times are of internet, where you can do most of the work just by clicking on your cell phone.

But for a person like me, I am still waiting in the bank for my turn. For years and years I have been used to it. This is the way it has been all these years, ever since I was young, way back to 1970s. The banks are the same, their systems in principle are the same. Though with the passage of time, the new inventions and systems developments have increased the performances of the banks, but still there are human beings working in the banks.

Yes that is the point.

I like to work with human beings, not machines.

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This is why I like to wait in the bank for my turn. I like to see the tellers trying to do their best to finish their job. The way they count the money. We can both deposit and take money from machines, placed outside of the banks, but as I said I do not like working with machines. I am an old timer, who still believes in dealing with human beings.

I am afraid if in a period of about hundred or less or more years, it will be the machines which will rule the world.  Human beings would not be working anymore, rather machines would be taking their place in every field of life.

We see coffee and tea machines in offices, but ! still prefer to make my tea. The microwave is there, but I still prefer to heat up my lunch in the conventional way.  It is just a few examples from my life. There indeed are too many more to list down. Every one of us can list these. But I am an old timer, who still believes in walking.  I am one who still believes in a slow and calm life.

Machines have changed our world. Machines have changed us. With the factor of speed brought into our lives by machines, we are trying to do more and more in a shorter period of time. The more we do the more we want to do within the limited period of time.

This is what I think has changed everything in the present day life. This is how the factor of content has almost evaporated from our lives. We are no more content with what we have. We are rushing to gain something, but in fact we no more realise that at the same time we are losing something. We have forgotten now how to be content. This is why we are no more the happy folks we used to be,  just because we are no more pleased with whatever we have got.

Well I am still in the old world of the 70’s, where people were usually content with whatever they had. The factor of content is very important. Take it out of life and everything will change. This is what we are witnessing in present times.