Slimmers World Sartaj Group have a Healthy Brunch


By Chris Elliott….

Those folk, mainly women,  who go to the Slimmers World  group at Sartaj Restaurant in Çatalköy had a tasty brunch at their last meeting on Saturday 29th September and Kim Betts had the following to say.

“Who realises what tasty food can be eaten while on a Slimmers World plan. The members of Sartaj group had a taster session today – members made a selection of SW friendly dishes to take along and then they all enjoyed the brunch.

Scrumptious truly scrumptious – and all healthy!!!”

Scrumptious  Tiramasu and a Slimmers World bake 

When you look at the pictures of the food prepared by Kim Betts and Barbara Burton your mouth just starts watering in anticipation and this is what group leader Val  Stuart-Trayner told us.

“The table was so mouth watering, I defy anyone to say slimming food is lettuce leaves and very bland, this was anything but.

Come along and join with us to eat healthy, lose weight and have fun. We can show you how. One member received her 4 stone weight loss certificate on Saturday in just 9 months.”

Barbara’s cheese scones and tomato scones with Kim’s Tuna and tomato wraps

There we have it and for those local readers who are perhaps concerned with their weight but would also like to find out about eating healthily then you are invited to join with the Slimmers World group at Sartaj Restaurant, Çatalköy on any Saturday starting at 9.30am for an introduction before the session which starts at 10.30am.

There will also be an opportunity to help Kyrenia Animal Rescue by making a donation to their cause..