Guess who’s back in the TRNC? Our favourite DIVA!


Immediately upon returning  to the states, Demetra George Mustafaoĝlu performed for the International Committee of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and received a standing ovation and tears for her beautiful arias.


She was accompanied there by Professor Wayne Behlendorf her friend and US pianist.

Between arrivals of new family members, she managed to find time to perform a charity event at the Hollywood Writers’ Guild  with musical theatre selections to the delight of the crowd!

And just prior to her flight to the US she performed Latin and Italian classics at Sariyer for a wedding at Halim Pasha, Istanbul.

Now she has returned for a few weeks and is stirring up the island with a new event presented by Concerts Without Borders including the team from the 2015 US AMBASSADOR’S Cultural Diplomacy Awards and outstanding local talent.

Stay tuned for more information shortly!