December 12, 2023


By Chris Elliott…….

CyprusScene is fully supportive of all efforts to rid our lovely island of waste material including plastics whether it is  washed up on our beaches or dumped by very selfish individuals across our island.

On Sunday 30th September a number of groups, wishing to see a clean Cyprus and end the blight of rubbish including waste plastic came together to make a big effort to clean Guzelyali beach.

Guzelyali beach cleaning

Diana Suyunshalina, one of the group organisers had posted on her Facebook in English, Turkish and Russian and sent us a message saying : “We are a cleaning group, and we want more volunteers to help us. We want on a regular basis to clean all over the Kyrenia area and we have already cleaned around Camelot Beach area.”

Diana had been posting news of Sunday’s event in a number of Russian community Facebook pages and joined together with another NGO group No Straws North Cyprus who with Cyprus Underwater Explorers had organised the Sunday beach cleaning event,  and this is what NSNC had to say:

Great work from everyone today at Guzelyali beach. Fantastic getting 29 divers to participate by Ed Sezener of Cyprus Underwater Explorers and thank you to everyone who turned up to help clean the beach.”

Diana also added that today the 2nd of October a group will be  cleaning the area of the Lambousa tombs and the municipality are arranging to supply plastic bags for the rubbish collection and a vehicle to take it away.

It is also hoped the Mayor of Alsancak Firat Ataser and Lapta Mayor Mustafa Aktuğ will join them together with Savaş Namsoy and Abdullah Aktolgali from the  Ministry of Environment

Diana also said, “We have ideas how to make the whole of North Cyprus clean with little effort” so perhaps if all of the interested people and NGOs can come together and work in conjunction with the authorities, there is a very real opportunity to make a great difference to the problem of rubbish dumping in Northern Cyprus and this could really be an international effort..


Here is a video by Diana Suyunshalina showing the disgusting dumping of rubbish at the historical Lambousa Tomb area.

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  1. What a wonderful job you’re group are doing let’s hope everybody appreciates your great work we come for six weeks from May we would like to help if you are litter picking at that time io

    1. Thank you Nick we will pass on your email address to Diana and she can contact you if she has any news

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