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World Tourism Day at Vasif Palace Museum, Lefke


Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu participated in an event on World Tourism Day, 27th September, in order to create awareness of tourism, by visiting the Vasıf Palace Museum in Lefke, which will be open to the public in 3-4 months time.

In 1980 it was decided that World Tourism Day would be held on 27th September each year in order to emphasize the environmental, economic, political and socio-cultural importance of tourism.

Lefke Gazi High School and Cengiz Topel Industrial Vocational High School students visited the historical and touristic places at Karşıyaka, Soli Ruins, Eco Village Bağlıköy and Lefke on World Tourism Day.

Following the trip, the students were served at the Lefke Hunting and Shooting Association restaurant.  Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu celebrated with the students by attending the event and stated that such activities are very important in order to create tourism awareness.

Mayor Aziz Kaya and Lefke Tourism Association President Hasan Karlıtaş talked about the meaning and importance of the day.

Fikri Ataoğlu emphasized that they gave special importance to the district of Lefke and said that they are working to ensure that the region receives a larger share from the tourism.

For long period, they have been working on the refurbishment of the museum of Vasif Palace indicating that the work has been completed speedily for the museum and the internal work will be completed within 3-4 months to meet with visitors.  Ataoglu said that the museum will give a focus of interest to tourism and add diversity to the city.