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TRNC cooperation for blood donations


Minister Besim said that the Ministry of Health, are ready to support such important events that raise awareness in the whole society.

Since 2017, Telsim subscribers who wish to be blood donation volunteers within the framework of the ongoing protocol between the Ministry of Health, TRNC Telsim, Creditwest Bank and the Civil Emergency Services Volunteers (CESV) with the slogan  “Give Blood, Save a Life” can send their region and blood group via 7283 SMS free of charge.

On 20th September, a meeting was held at Lefkoşa  Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital Blood Bank, where the  Minister of Health Filiz Besim, TRNC Telsim, Creditwest Bank and Civil Emergency Services Volunteers (CESV) officials attended.

Other operator subscribers can send messages to 0542 8600 112. Thus, a blood bank database was created by Telsim and the database was used in line with the need of the Ministry of Health. The project was carried out by the Civil Emergency Services Volunteers (CESV).

Ümit Karanar from the Civil Emergency Services Volunteers (CESV) stated in his speech that many people have applied to them to give blood on a voluntary basis. Karanar said that the whole team supported this project without any professional or financial gain.  Karanar stated that they currently have around 1300 donors.

Creditwest Bank officials attended the meeting, the bank has been supporting the project since 2013 with the understanding of social responsibility and announced that they will continue to support the country to meet the urgent need for blood.

Fevzi Tanpınar stated that the need for blood is a fine line between life and death, and that awareness is important to people and also technology is important to create this awareness, so that time saving is also connected with technology.

Minister of Health Filiz Besim, said that the healthcare technology used in this project is very important, giving blood to save lives, and with this cooperation these donations can reach around the country much faster.

Besim stated that the Ministry of Health is ready to support such important events that raise awareness in the whole society and we should not forget that at any moment we may all need donated blood to save our lives. If we support each other this country can be proud of a much more efficient health system.

The protocol was introduced to establish a Blood Donation SMS Service, which would allow blood donation to be made directly to people in the relevant blood group, especially in cases of urgent need.

Source: Ministry of Health

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