God Realisation as I see it. By Nick Vye


By Nick Vye……..

God realisation is so far away from us, that it’s almost impossible to comprehend. We talk about saints, holy men, mystics and gurus but not many reached that state of beingness.

First you must obtain Self-Realisation before you can go on to the above. This I call the five (W). 1- Who you are. 2- What you are. 3- Why you are. 4- Where you are. 5- When you are. If you know this then you are Self-Realised. So now you can see, how far away God-Realisation is and how much is needed to achieve that state of beingness.

Self-Realisation or as it’s known spiritually (Soul-Plane) is the first pure plane of consciousness, outside the lower planes of duality. Meaning there’s no opposites there, like day/night, hot/cold, love/hate etc. Also it is permanent and not due to changes unlike all the planes of consciousness beneath it, including the physical plane.

I don’t ask everyone to accept what I write as this has been my own experience over many lifetimes and years of studying teachings and training with higher ascended masters.

This is now my time to start to release this knowledge that I have obtained and to share it with likeminded people.


With love light and peace,

Nick Vye Sanctuary.


The above article is not meant to offend anyone’s Religion, Faith, or Belief Systems. It is my own sole personal view from lifetimes of learning, studying and practising my own spiritual development and conscious awareness.