Girne Municipality clear Boğaz Picnic Area yet again


Girne Municipality cleaning branch crews carried out cleaning work yet again at Girne Boğaz Picnic Area, which is under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Department. 

The work was carried out on 15th September World Cleaning Day, and about 160 large trash bags full of garbage were collected.  About 3 weeks ago, when work was carried out in the same area, the garbage bags collected filled a small truck.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that they had chosen the Girne Boğaz Picnic Area as the pilot region for the 15th September World Cleaning Day.  He said that the municipal cleaning branch teams clean the city for 365 days and it is not right to think that “citizens should clean up the garbage of other citizens”.  Güngördü recalled that they had been distributing leaflets in many regions, and pointed out that the sensitivity of the citizens to the environment could be increased by carrying out studies on education and awareness.