October 1, 2023


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

There are many planes of consciousness in the known Universe.

One way to describe them is like a Spanish lady’s fan. When folded they’re all on top of one another, but opened up the fan is now one, with the layers within it. Each layer (plane) has a different vibratory frequency, like a radio set, where bands are Medium, Long, Short, Fm, and VHF waves.  To hear or connect to the stations on that wave band, we must move the tuning dial to the correct frequency to hear that station. We are like the radio set ,but most of us are only tuned into the physical (band) plane wave length.

To experience another plane of consciousness we need to alter our vibratory rate to tune into that level (i.e. station). To do this we must be still and focused, through our (third eye or ear) to increase our vibrations to that level of consciousness. Then we can see and hear a different experience of another state of being.

Hence again I quote another biblical saying by Jesus.(there are many rooms in my mansion). This is the hidden meaning of the planes of consciousness within the one. Like the Spanish lady’s fan I mentioned earlier.

Again this is only an example I’m giving to try and explain other states of being. Another experience that can prove what I’m saying is out of the body experiences, example – Astral, Mental, Soul, Travel.

The frequency of the planet earth is 7.52 mz the same frequency of the heart and love,

The Astral Planes have very many states of consciousness. The higher Astral Planes called the Causal is where our past lives are stored, this is called the Akashic Records. This holds all our past lifetimes and the karmic deeds etc, that we have created before. It is possible to access these records if you have the ability or are shown them by a spiritual master.

Also in the Casual Planes are museums of all things ever to be, invented or discovered here. Hence another biblical saying (as above, so below). Everything here, including nature, is only a minor reflection of what is in the Astral / Causal Planes. This also includes, Music, Art, Technology, etc. Many mystics, gurus, saints and spiritual teachers have had the experience of accessing these planes of consciousness, and have written or spoken about them. They also teach their students in Ashrams or centres, exercises or mantras to experience these planes of consciousness. So as to recognize these levels there are inner sounds related to them, so one knows he has experienced that plane of being. They can also be discovered through Music, Art, Writings, which lifts us up into a higher state of awareness, taking us out of our physical state of consciousness. Just like one learns a trade or profession to develop a skill or ability from a teacher etc. This is the same for a spiritual student, wishing to learn about the Inner Planes of God, that as soul; we are all able to reach.

We have been given Free Will, so it’s our choice. Higher states of being, don’t need this as their focus of attention isn’t on Worldly Things but only to attain first Self Realisation then God Realisation. The above is written through my own experiences from early childhood, having had many experiences and teachings and lessons from Ascended Masters and Physical Masters.

With love light and peace Nick Vye Sanctuary.


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