Penalties for blocking Girne pavements


Girne Municipality will impose penalties on businesses and all motor vehicles that are in violation of the public pavements.

The pavements are important for pedestrians, handicapped people and babies and children’s carriages. There will be penalties for vehicle parking on pavements and Girne Municipality will seize goods in cases of products on the pavements i.e. tables, chairs, signs, fridges, sales displays. The Municipality of Girne distributed brochures and information during the Bayram Feast of Sacrifice holiday with the principle of “Do not block the pavements, keep pavements clear” which will be started with business owners.

Güngördü said that in cases of companies that violate the pavements the goods causing the violation will be seized.  He urged everyone to be sensitive about this matter for a modern Girne, and expressed his belief that the citizens will give the necessary support for this issue.

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    • Well said Carole so lets wait and see if the Zapata (community police) live up to the municipality promise