Important Notice on TRNC Road Tax Fee


Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Licensing Branch, which serves under the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, was unable to provide any service on Monday August 27, 2018, due to being moved to its new location of the reservations section of the former Cyprus Turkish Airlines (CTA) building.

Following the completion of moving, services provided by the branch was hindered due to some minor technical problems. In addition to this, due to the nine day Bayram holiday and the national holiday on August 30 2018, vehicle owners were unable to receive any service from the Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Licensing Branch. Taking into consideration the inconvenience, vehicle owners whose road tax was due on the last days of August 2018 will be able to pay their road tax fees up to and including 14th September, during working hours, without being subject to any penalties.

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transportation



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