Energetic old TRNC footballers represent their country


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The TRNC Marmara Masters Football club, is not a well known name in the TRNC, yet it is a club where football loving old players, frequently meet and continue working for football. They are a bunch of old local footballers, who are still young at heart. They still work hard to keep their love for football young. Most of these footballers were well known footballers in their heydays.

They had the honour of playing the final of the 8th Masters Tournament  organised in April 2017 in Izmır, Turkey. The tournament was contested by 40 clubs, from Turkey and a number of other countries. These TRNC players put up a very good quality of game, proving that they still were in form, and were capable of bringing laurels to their homeland.

Marmara Football Club shared pictures which are courtesy of Kanal T

That was the first time that the Marmara Club had participated in that tournament, and had overcome all the obstacles to reach the final of the tournament.

Although due to various reasons the Marmara club could not participate in the tournament in 2018, it is determined to participate in 2019.

The old footballers of Marmara Masters Club have started their training matches, and are playing their local matches for fitness frequently.