RA30 the 3rd solar powered car by Near East University


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Near East University started the production work of the new generation third solar powered car named RA30 after RA27, which was designed and produced by research and development teams in 2014 and RA25, the first domestic production car of the country working with solar energy.

In the press statement released by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, it was announced that the exterior design of the RA30 car, which has been produced entirely from carbon fiber as a 4-wheel design, is about to end. RA30 will be the third car produced in the TRNC after RA25 and RA27 and will be plated after completion of the necessary procedures.

RA25, produced for competition in the class known as the Adventure class for the “Sasol Solar Challenge” competition in South Africa organized each year by FIA (Federation of World Motorsports) and ISF (International Solar Energy Vehicle Federation), and RA27 produced to race in the Challenger class, the RA30 will race in the Challenger class in accordance with the FIA’s changing rules.

Production to Begin in September …
It is stated that RA30, which will be produced by the new generation solar energy technological system, is planned to be completed within one month and the production will start in September.

The new solar-powered car will be 3.5 meters tall and 1.8 meters wide. According to the new rules, a solar panel of 4.5 square meters will be used and the solar panels specified in the vehicle will be 28.2% efficient. Targeted to reach 130 km / h, the new RA30 will be powered by two 400 x Li-ion batteries having 3.6 kW power.