September 27, 2022


By Stephanie Harrison-Croft …
Hope 4 Pets …

We have a very urgent and costly appeal for a poor little soul whose young life has been stopped in its tracks quite abruptly.

This tiny kitten was mauled by dogs and suffered horrendous injuries to the hip and pelvic area, of which some can be seen in the x-ray picture.  She has been given the name Bella.

The chance of long term good quality of life with immediate surgery to the pelvic area by inserting plates for support is around 70% and is in the region of 3,800TL but needs to be performed immediately.

We think these odds are worth a try for this dear little kitten but we need your help and support!

Please donate to any link in the group description given below and let’s all pull together for this tiny but significant little life.

Thank you x

H4P always working in the community on behalf of animals where and when we can.


To see more of the work of Hope 4 Pets visit their Facebook page by clicking here 

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