September 30, 2023


By Nick Vye …

Spiritual healing restores the balance of the mind, body and spirit. It’s a natural non-invasive, holistic treatment that also promotes self healing.

It is not associated with any particular religion-ism or ology. The word spiritual refers to that quality of peace and compassion, implicit in the healing process for the highest good of those that are seeking healing.

The channelling of healing energies promotes better health, energises and relaxes the patient. My healing seeks through attunement and visualisation to promote also self healing in the patient.

You don’t need faith, just the awareness of the need for change, but the motivation to do so can also be helpful.

Healing can help with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional difficulties, relaxing and releasing tension and the feeling of being re-energised. It is best to have a few sessions, if you have a serious problem, but you don’t have to be ill to experience it. It can be very therapeutic and relaxing, letting go of stress or anxiety that has built up in the body. It can also be a preventative measure.

You sit and then after lie down, first with my hands placed on your head, while I relax and attune you for the following therapy, where you lie down. I then work at a distance from you.

There are times, when I may lay my hands on a particular place where the illness has manifested. Sometimes pain may come to the surface, and then disperse as the healing continues. You may feel heat or coolness, tingling or pressure, along with seeing colours or have other experiences, while your eyes are closed. It is different for each person.

The process is no less effective if no physical sensation is felt. This is because the healing is working on many levels and the physical body is the last to experience it, as the problem can be on a different level, example: the spiritual, mental, or emotional bodies. This is my way and the experience will differ with other healers or therapists.

Thanking you, with love light and peace Nick Vye Sanctuary.


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