August 12, 2022


By Ahmet Abdülaziz ……

Though sports followers are now used to seeing the athletes of Near East University  clinching most of the championships and cups etc in various field of sports, when put together, the total number of  championships won during 2017-2018 sports session are really very astounding .

According to the press release of the Near East University, the  University has achieved 83 championships with its 1,561 licensed athletes in all branches except football in the competitions held so far in the 2017-2018 academic year.

In the sports events so far organised by the TRNC, Near East University’s male and female athletes won 54 championships in many branches including athletics, basketball, volleyball, handball, cycling, chess, darts, tennis, swimming and wrestling.  Also, Near East College and Near East Primary School won 29 championships in athletics and other sport events organized by the Ministry of National Education in the 2017-2018 academic year. NEU’s swimmers have left their mark on the year of 2017-2018 academic year by setting 31 new TRNC records and age records as well.

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