September 23, 2023


By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

Murat Arslan and Senol Korkmaz, engineers at the Innovation and Information Technologies Centre, at the Near East University, have developed a novel Human Computer Interface (HCI) that can be used by head and eye movements without needing a physical touch.

Thus, people with quadriplegia (paralysis below the neck) will be able to use computers and even play games on computers without touching the mouse.

According to the press statement made by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office, the new HCI system, which was designed to facilitate the interaction between the paralysed user and the computer, would be controlled and used by head and eye movement. Equipped with the latest image processing and state-of-the-art learning techniques, this novel HCI system also aims to provide ease for children with physical disabilities to play computer games by head movements. Conducting trials oriented at this goal, Engineers Murat Arslan and Senol Korkmaz achieved success. The trials clearly show that paralysed people as well as children can use computers and play games by head and eye movements.

Through Head Movements, Children with Disabilities Will Be Able to Play Computer Games As Well……

Integrating the open source based game named Fish-Life into the system; the engineers developed the game, which can be played only by head movements, for children with disabilities. In the game, the user’s head movements move the fish to eat the food dropping from the ship and to escape from the harmful substances dropping from the ship. The software of the system can be integrated into any game played with a computer mouse.

They Aim to Write The Software of Their Own Games…..
Expressing that they are working on writing their own games and integrating these games into the system, the engineers state that they aim to provide online access to the games by loading them on Google Play. They underline that the games will be accessible not only for computers but also for mobile phones.

Works to Service of Humanity Are Being Carried Out……
Delivering further information regarding their other scientific investigations, the engineers underline that a vast variety of works for the service of humanity are being carried out within the innovative approach of Near East University. “We have been working on many different projects including new safety systems alerting and waking up sleepy drivers, systems capable to detect the other vehicles in the traffic and prevent traffic accidents beforehand, algorithms for identifying the appropriate paths, systems to convert signs into writing and pre-warning systems according to the symptoms of the diseases. The results of these scientific studies will be presented in various conferences and published in international journals in the coming days under the name of Near East University.

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