October 3, 2022


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary …

I remember as a child going to my first maze at Hampton Court Palace, it was a fun and exciting event. I could hear other people becoming agitated and annoyed and angry as they arrived back at the same hedge blockage as before.

To me this was an adventure that there had to be a way to the centre. It was just a question of patience and going over the same old ground until you found the way to the centre point.

Now in retrospect, I see life like that maze. We choose a path in life, travel along it until we hit an obstacle. We either get angry or annoyed with ourselves and find it hard to overcome that particular obstacle. Many times we reach that same point and wonder why. We have had different experiences to reach that same point and can’t explain to ourselves why yet again.

What we are missing here is the lesson (whatever it may be) that hasn’t been learnt through those experiences. As soon as we see or learn the lesson, we can move on to the next path (like in the maze) and not have to go through that experience again,  as the lesson has been learnt.

Eventually after many tries (like the maze) we find our way to the centre. In doing so we become aware through those lessons in life, of who we really are as a person. This I call The Self Realized State of Being.

Remember the joy as a child when we discovered something by our own volition and how happy and excited it made us feel. The inner child was made aware again.

So lifetime after lifetime we must learn through different experiences until we achieve Total Awareness.

So see your own (maze in life) as an epic adventure with all the mishaps, mistakes, disappointments, discoveries, lessons and experiences that bring about self discovery of who and what you really are.

The centre point in the maze is the final point we are all heading for. It’s the love in our hearts, it’s the joy of life itself, it’s the relationships we share with others and it’s the quiet solitary time we spend within us. This connects us to the weblike structure of all living things. It’s called UNIVERSAL LOVE.

With my love light and peace to you all. GOD BLESS…..

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