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Distemper is still a big threat to dogs in towns and villages in North Cyprus


Over the past months we have read much of the threat of dogs catching and dying from Distemper and despite the hard work of so many people and organisations the threat still exists and if every dog in North Cyprus was tested and inoculated then perhaps the threat could be beaten.

We are still receiving messages about this threat and urge dog owners to have their pets checked and inoculated.  Here are 2 messages received today.

“We do not want anyone to panic or over-react but think people should be aware –

Kind regards Kim
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

A Girne (blue tag) town centre street dog has been confirmed today as being positive for Distemper.

Please do not panic but can you keep a careful eye on the town centre street dogs – if you see any who are looking ill please call Girne Belediyesi (for blue tag dogs) 0392 8152235 or call into the office where the water bills are paid (near Wednesday Market).

If it is a red tag dog please report it to us by calling  KAR on 0533 8694 098.”


“Rob Astley
The Dog Whisperer

I have just had to do something I have only had to do once in my life before (Carol and Cheryl normally do this cos I cry too much) I was at the vet (as usual) and a dog was brought in, in a crate, and tested positive for distemper straight away, this means it was severe so the only choice was to put the street dog with a tag in its ear to sleep, so after the injection, I just held this lovely dog and watched as it slowly closed its eyes for the very last time in its very short life,

All I could do whilst crying my eyes out was stroke its head and hold this poor dog until the vet said it’s gone and now please wash your hands, so my point is, if  this was a street dog that comes into contact with dozens of other dogs on a daily basis, instead of walking or driving past a stray please, please take it to a vet and ask for the test they do which does not cost much and you may save dozens of lives.

I am slowly getting through to the locals in our village of Esentepe and have now tested 4 dogs, 1 of which was positive and put to sleep and the other 3 I have started them on their vaccinations and have them neutered and spayed so they may live a longer healthier life.

There are a few more dogs to go yet but I am confident if more people in villages and towns did this, in a year’s time we would not have such a massive problem, please don’t ignore this appeal as  distemper is a horrible disease.