September 30, 2023


The TRNC Department of Telecommunication and the Turkish communications giant Türk Telekom signed a protocol to further develop the capacity and quality of the internet in North Cyprus.

The protocol was signed on 12th July 2018 by the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Tolga Atakan, and the CEO of Türk Telekom, Paul Doany. According to the agreement, the internet capacity, which is currently 75 gigabytes, will be doubled within three years. The internet speed, which is 5 megabytes per second for the last user, will be increased six times, reaching 30 megabytes per second. The agreement will enable 30 internet service providers and two mobile operators in the TRNC to increase the speed and quality of their service. The most recent deal regarding internet service between the Telecommunications Department and Türk Telekom was signed in 2009, and the internet service price had not been revised since then.

In his statement following the signing ceremony, Minister Atakan said they will be able to provide a high speed and capacity internet service with more reasonable prices. “We are continuing our efforts to develop the IT sector in our country,” said Atakan. “To reach this goal we need to increase the quality of internet while lowering the prices. With the deal we struck with Türk Telekom, we have managed to lower the price of gross Metro Ethernet internet at an important rate, something which has not been updated for nearly 10 years.” Atakan said that for the current use capacity, which is 75 gigabytes per second, the amount paid by the Telecommunications Department will be cut by 30 per cent, and the bill will further fall by nearly 45 per cent after the capacity is increased to 100 gigabytes per second. “The discounted prices will be in effect after the issuing of TRNC Telecommunications Department Fees Regulation on August 1st, providing between 40% and 50%  discount to the price of internet bought by internet service providers” Atakan said, adding this will create a healthier environment for prices charged for consumers. Atakan also said in addition to this, the fibre infrastructure of the country will be developed in a short time.

Doany: “We’ve included North Cyprus in the digital transformation phase”

On the other hand, the CEO of Türk Telekom Paul Doany said as the leader of digital transformation in Turkey, they have included North Cyprus in this phase of transformation with the protocol signed with the TRNC Department of Telecommunication. Doany said “We are enjoying the happiness of being able to provide high speed fibre internet, which is essential for the formation of improved cities, to our Cypriot citizens through the TRNC Department of Telecommunication.” Doany, said they developed the technical infrastructure between North Cyprus and Turkey to a considerable extent and the planning  of future infrastructure investments in a way that will also include North Cyprus.

Source:  Ministry of Public Works and Transportation


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