Near East University “RoboCup 2018 World Champions” 


The TRNC’s Near East University Robotics Football Team, (the NEUIslanders), has been declared the champions of the “RoboCup 2018  Robots Football World Cup”, held in Montreal, Canada.

The Near East University’s “RoboCup” World Champion team, which has set a target to hold a friendly match with the team who will win the FIFA World Cup in 2050, paid a visit to the Minister of National Education Cemal Özyiğit in his office upon their return to the TRNC.

The team, headed by the Near East University’s President of the Board of Trustees, Associate Professor Dr. İrfan S. Günsel, discussed with the Minister the success of the NEUIslanders robotic football team, which was mechanically and electronically designed, and its artificial intelligence codes developed, at the Near East University’s cutting-edge 3D Laboratory.