A-Chord Entertainments Limited is approaching its second anniversary!


Formed to cater for the legal requirements of ex-pat entertainers here in North Cyprus. A-Chord Entertainments Limited is approaching its second anniversary!

Founded by Alan Bartholomew and Gavin Simons to be the means to provide their own personal work permits, it very quickly became apparent that there was an obvious need for this facility to be available to other ex-patriate entertainers, therefore the decision was made to run the company as a non-profit making organisation for the benefit of those wishing to work legally in North Cyprus.

A-Chord currently has five registered acts with two more in the pipeline. As far as we are aware, A-Chord is currently the only “active” mechanism whereby entertainers can apply for a full work permit valid for multiple venues within the TRNC.

Currently registered acts are;

A solo singer and guitar player fully geared up to present a full range of tracked songs in any venue, large or small, and to any audience with a love for quality music. He has been living and performing here, since 2011. His performances are audience driven to a large extent as guests are encouraged to pick the evenings’ entertainment from a song book containing his extensive repertoire. With popular songs spanning the 1950’s to present day, there is something for everyone.

A drummer/Percussionist experienced in a wide range of genres and musical styles, from pop, soul, rock, jazz and funk to Latin and standards. He has worked within North Cyprus for over ten years, working with some of the leading musicians, from all musical backgrounds and continues to work within a busy schedule supporting a wide range of music and musicians.


Singer and guitarist, playing a large selection of songs from Sinatra, Elvis and Neil Diamond, to Bublé, Lionel Richie, Barry White, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, UB40 and Ed Sheeran, to name a small selection. Crooners, sing-alongs, rock, country, rock ‘n roll, reggae and much more. Big sound, high quality tracks, from small gigs to corporate events. All ages from 16 up! Over 35 years of gigging experience, in Hong Kong, South Africa, UK and Cyprus!

Vocalist from the North of England, specialising in Swing Jazz from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole and many more. Also performing Rock, Rock n Roll, Pop and Soul from the likes of Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke to George Ezra, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Queen etc. Andy has over 25 years experience of performing in venues all over the UK working with some of the top Jazz and Rock musicians in the Country and 6 years experience as a vocal coach. Delivering a powerful and energetic performance for people of all ages.

A singer raised in Brunei. Jude is new to the island and has guested with other artists. He has had over 10 years of experience performing in South East Asia at TV and radio stations, government, corporate and private events and parties. ln 2015, he joined the World Championships of Performing Arts held in the US, winning several medals and in the same year, also joined the International Europop Singing Competition in Germany winning 4th place. Jude incorporates a wide range of musical styles into his repertoire catering to all ages from 16 up. Apart from being a singer by night, he is also a radio host by day
for Hit Fm Cyprus 100.9.

Hugh O’Neil, a top quality live Irish act, is currently on tour in Europe but will be returning to A-Chord in September 2018.

A-Chord is run by entertainers for entertainers, therefore has an inherent understanding of the local entertainment industry. Whilst registered acts are contracted to abide by required financial constraints they are completely free to organise their individual “business” in whatever way they feel is appropriate, whilst safe in the knowledge that they fully comply with the current local employment laws. This in turn gives music venues a safeguard against penalties for employing non-legal entertainers, whether they be local or from south of the border.

Whilst A-Chord would welcome assistance from the Government in relation to curtailing the employment of non-legal entertainers, A-Chord is not and will never be in the business of policing the TRNC entertainment industry, which would likely be better regulated by educating the venues themselves so that they only employ acts that comply with TRNC legislation. However they would be happy to enter into discussions with Government over the best way forward for the ex-pat entertainment opportunities in the TRNC.

All A-Chord acts are constantly searching for new venues and engagements and would welcome all enquiries.

Contact numbers for registered entertainers.
Gavin Simons. 0533-8766566
Alan Bartholomew. 0533-8840832
Andy Reay. 0533-8741408
Dominic Holmes. 0548-8793115
Jude. 0542-8877403