July 2, 2022


 By Margaret Sheard ….

We were recently invited to a private book-signing of Through the Third Eye which was written by Turkish Cypriot Olcay Akdeniz and edited by Jenny Vardy.

It had been suggested that I might like to do a review of the book but unfortunately we were unable to attend the event due to another commitment. However, at a subsequent Rotary function, we met up with Olcay and his wife Carol and they kindly brought me a copy of the book to give me the opportunity of reading it and writing a review.   Although I do not have a lot of time to read nowadays, I have been an avid reader in the past and so I was looking forward to spending some time away from the keyboard to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes.

I have now read this excellent story, which Olcay had been prompted to write as a reminiscence and tribute to a special aunt’s many wonderful stories which she told him as a child.  He has apparently spent many years researching and eventually bringing the story to life.   Through the Third Eye is an enchanting mixture of fact, fiction and fantasy with a bit of spirituality added for good measure.  It features some historical characters, including King Philip II of France, Berengaria of Navarre, the intended Queen of Richard the Lionheart, and Salem the son of Sinbad, who eventually meet and share their hidden powers in mystical adventures.  Olcay must have a terrific imagination as he has used some of the people we recognise from history blended with fictional characters which has resulted in a brilliant story.

Olcay has said that not all of the historical facts are strictly in the right order but he has used literary licence in order to enhance the story, however, it is good to read a little of the history of the places which appear in the book, including Cyprus where Berengaria and Salem also visit.   The story is steeped in adventure and intrigue and is an extremely enjoyable read.

Not wanting to give too much of the story away, if you are an avid reader I am sure you will enjoy this very readable book, there are now copies available at Best Seller in Karakum priced at 70TL and when Olcay and his wife return to Cyprus, there will be a book-signing at Best Seller, Karakum on Tuesday 11th September at 1pm, so if you have already purchased the book you can take it along for Olcay to sign for you.

About the author

Olcay Akdeniz was born in Lefkosa in 1937. His father was a police officer who was posted to Guzelyurt, and the family moved back to Lefkosa when Olcay was 8 yrs old. He spent all his working life in the UK.  Olcay and his wife Carol celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this year.

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