June 30, 2022


We recently posted an article ROCK the Musical is coming to Cyprus click here in which it was mentioned that volunteers for the choir are required for this show and we have just received an update as follows;

Practice time for Barnabus the musical at St Andrews

Rehearsals will start on Tuesday June 26th for ROCK, the musical,  to be performed on November 8th at the rooftop theatre at The Colony Hotel, Kyrenia. Rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays at the Catholic Church 6-7pm for two weeks followed by a summer break. Starting again in September.

The choir master will be Charles Obi

Anyone who would like to join the choir is most welcome, but to sing in the choir you must have attended as many of the rehearsals as possible. 

Please register your interest by contacting Carol.  Music scores, Lyrics and CD’s will be available for purchase soon. 

Email: carol@cansigorta.com. Tel: 0533 864 4115

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