December 6, 2022


Readers will remember the huge success of Barnabas, The Musical the story of St Barnabas and St Paul, who at God’s calling came to Cyprus. Click here to read more

Practice time for Barnabus the musical at St Andrews

Written by Roger Jones of Christian Musical Ministries of Birmingham, UK, it was performed throughout the Island two years ago with its premier performance at the Colony Hotel in Kyrenia.

Five professional singers accompanied Roger for the performance with a background choir of local volunteer singers. Over 200 people enjoyed an evening of music and singing with Roger Jones personally conducting.

Carol Blackwell-Gibbs organized the event locally with the wonderful leadership of choir mistress Lynette Oruc.

Roger Jones and his crew plan to return to Cyprus again this coming November with ROCK, the Musical. The Colony Hotel has once again been booked and the proposed date is November 8th 2018.

We are in need volunteers for the choir.  If you would like to sing in the choir please contact Carol Tel: 0533 864 4115 or preferably email:

Thank you.

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