September 30, 2023


 Introduction by Margaret Sheard …

We were devastated to learn of Mo’s news and having read her decision of how she was to deal with this we asked if we could reproduce this on cyprusscene.  Mo was more than happy for us to do this as she feels maybe it may help others who find themselves having to deal with the traumatic issue of cancer.  

I have always thought of Mo as a very spiritual lady and I am sure she will find the strength and courage to overcome this by whatever way she chooses.

Following is the Facebook posting:

By Mo Davies ….

Firstly, my grateful and heartfelt thanks to all of you who sent love and supportive messages to me in the wake of my diagnosis of endometrial cancer. Unfortunately, my computer’s been running slow which is why I haven’t been able to reply until now. The love and kindness I have felt has sustained me and nurtured me in the most indescribable ways.

Now for the nitty-gritty: I have decided that I will not be having a hysterectomy or chemotherapy or radiation as I do not believe/feel these will be beneficial at my age of 70. I tuned into my body and it felt incredibly tired and depressed at the idea of traipsing up and down to Nicosia for tests and treatment, and I trust my body. I have also always felt uncomfortable at the idea of “battling/defeating” cancer and, for me (not for everybody) I feel more at ease with the idea of working with my cancer, to see it as a friend opening new pathways and opportunities for me, however that works out.

So please allow me to introduce you to Hilda, my cancer buddy. She is named after my mother-in-law, now deceased, who made it through to 94 before shuffling off this mortal coil. She was feisty, brave, stubborn, a survivor and I’m proud to call my cancer after her. I am already taking the ayurvedic herb, ashgawanga which has cut down on the bleeding and I am following up other alternative healing methods. I feel at 70 I’d like to support my body with quality rather than quantity.

So I am officially announcing that I am dancing with cancer, a tango here, a salsa there and so on. I am going to open a Facebook Page which I am calling Dances with Cancer, for my own records and for those who may be interested in my various paso dobles, experiences and information I shall be gathering and testing. I have tremendous complementary medicine support from two friends trained in alternative therapies and I count myself lucky to be able to access such marvellous resources. I have created an image for Hilda, healing energy focused on my uterus, sending healing throughout my body, with symbols of Aries – new beginnings, passion, energy, stubbornness – radiating from Hilda. So here I am on a new journey as part of my life, I feel excited, passionate, full of lightness, feeling my spirit fed by my art and the wonderful art-full images you find on Facebook. I am dancing with Hilda on the yellow brick road along the road less travelled. Yeee-haaa!

I cannot put into words how I felt when I read Mo’s message, perhaps how brave she is, perhaps how determined, maybe her spiritual side, which is something we cannot all aspire to having.  What I feel is that with this kind of belief and determination, Mo is a wonderful example of someone who may have a long journey ahead of her but in the end she will win.


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