Parents and the Education of their Children

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …….

I observed the facial expressions of the parents, who were watching their children participating in short skits on stage, in the English language. The occasion was the “English Language Day” of the Near East Primary School.

The occasion was meant to let the parents of the students know how far their children have progressed in their command of the language. With every word spoken or action made by the children on the stage, the facial expressions of particularly the parents of that particular child, were worth observing. Their expressions were of deep satisfaction on one side, and that of astonishment too on the other, because this was perhaps the first time that they were watching their children performing in front of people, and speaking English.

Indeed this was going to be an unsaleable moment of the lives of both the children and the parents too.

In fact it is this moral support of the parents that’s essential for their children.  The attitude of the parents  plays a very important role in the development of their children. Every child is a talented child by birth.  He or she is capable of doing many things, but it is the parents and also the teachers who are supposed to find out the talents in these children and to encourage them.

For this unfortunately a number of parents do fail to perform their duty. Some teachers too.

There are some parents who believe that a child will learn everything by himself. So they just leave the child open, and he/she will learn all good and bad things from the society. But these children do learn a lot, because they learn everything through a tough course of adventure. They believe in learning everything by themselves. On one count it’s good, because it improves self confidence of the child, but on the other side, he/she may become a big problem for society, by selecting a wrong way of life.

On the other side, there are parents, who  excessively take care of their children. They become over-protective. They believe that they have to teach everything to their children, and protect him/her from the outside world. This approach too is not correct. Such children do lack self-confidence, and usually fail to take bold steps in life. They usually turn to their parents or someone else, while taking any decision in their future lives. This too is a dangerous way.

All that is needed from the parents is to take care of their children, without forcing them too much to learn something that they (parents) like, or not to do something which they (parents) do not like. They are supposed to maintain a very fine balance between the two. They must not be too authoritarian to their children but at the same time they must not be too soft either.  And this is the most difficult task or duty that the parents usually find on their shoulders.

So if you are a parent with children, do try to reassess your behaviour and way of teaching with your children, and be prepared to amend your way of thinking, if necessary. In fact it is not the parents who are going to lose anything, if they mend their way of thinking and the system of teaching and guiding their children.

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    • yes. Unforunately the vested interests have left education in the hands of those who see nothing but money