September 30, 2023

By Kim Betts……..

Kyrenia Animal Rescue…..

KAR have been Accredited Training Providers for The Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational, Education and Training and the Labour Market for over 1 year now and another student has come to learn about what we do, how we do things and why.

Celine Gielen began her internship with us in May and will stay until early July. She is 21 and lives in the Netherlands where she is studying with the aim of working in Animal Care/Welfare full time eventually.

Her time, with KAR is being taken up with working hands on with the cats and dogs at our Rescue Centre, assisting our vet with health checks and neutering, going out with the KAR Cat Team and many other aspects of working with KAR and some of the local vets.

Obviously Celine has come in at a difficult time with the Centre in Lock Down and has been learning about the issues that can affect a Rescue Centre following such an outbreak.

Celine is proving to be a real help for KAR and we hope that she is also enjoying her stay with us.

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