November 29, 2023


We have just received the following open letter from Roger L Jennings to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kudret Ozersay, which we are publishing and passing to the appropriate authorities in Northern Cyprus with the hope that through this initiative there may be a change in the long running Cyprus saga.


Waking the Lion

“…within the heart of every man sleeps a lion…”

Armenian Proverb


Peace and Prosperity for all Cypriots


June 4, 2018

An Open Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Ozersay

Years ago the US was the Beacon of Hope for the oppressed around the world.  The TRNC is oppressed by the UN embargo and EU prejudice.   The US is doing nothing to help the TRNC or resolve the differences between Greeks and Turks.

The US State Department is not the friend, or even fair, with the TRNC.  The March visit to southern Cyprus by A. Wess Mitchell, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, is proof.

President Trump is unlike any other American leader.  He represents traditional American values.  If the facts are presented to him, he will establish mutual diplomatic recognition and commercial trade with the TRNC.  That will break the embargo and lead to greater prosperity for all Cypriots.

Roger Jennings

If you want President Trump to take this action, you must be willing to help the TRNC. You need to write to President Trump requesting a special envoy rather than the State Department be appointed representing the US.  There is no American with better credentials than the undersigned.  For three generations the Jennings family has worked for peace and prosperity for Greeks and Turks.  That started with my Grandfather Asa  K. Jennings who is the highest decorated person in Greek history. He was appointed by the Greek Government and Gazi M. Kemal of Turkey as their diplomat in common at the Treaty of Lausanne for POW and population exchange

Both Governments knew they were appointing an American who was representing their enemy.  And that is just the beginning of the story of service.

We can bring peace and prosperity to Cyprus very quickly, if you and President Akinci will both sign a letter to President Trump.


Roger L. Jennings


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  1. Sayın, Mr Kudret Özersay. Please do not fall into their TRAP!! GCs are already living Prosperity and as for peace, they have that too, thanks to Turkey. I think I made myself clear. Thank you!!

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