TRNC start the CONIFA Cup 2018 with a draw

By Richard Beale………..

On May 31 the National TRNC Football team played their first match against Karpatalya ( a region in Hungary), with the match ending in a 1-1 draw.

The TRNC National team and local support for the team

Photos: Arena Sporkol.com/ Ahmet Özyasar- Recep Özkmalı (KTSYD- London)

The match was played in London at the Enfield Queen Elizabeth Stadium and the TRNC were well supported by local Turkish Cypriots.

The TRNC opened the scoring in the 13th minute when Kenan Oshan bundled the ball in.

The Hungarian side equalised in the 51st minute through Sandor.

Unfortunately for the TRNC they had substitute Ahmet Sivri red carded in the 90th minute.

In the other match in the TRNC Group Abkhaia from North West Georgia beat Tibet 3-0.

Actıon from the match

Photo :Arena Sporkol/com/ Ahmet Özyasar- Recep Özkmalı (KTSYD- London)

Tibet will be the TRNC next opponents on Saturday June 2, kick off 5-00pm again the match will be played at the Enfield Queen Elizabeth Stadium.


It is a International football tournament held every year for States, minorities, Stateless people and regions unaffiliated with FIFA