Animal care

KAR Education Team visit Karaoğlanoğlu primary school


We have just received news as shown below from Kyrenia Animal Rescue regarding the KAR Education team’s visit on Wednesday 2nd May to the Karaoğlanoğlu primary school.

On Wednesday 2nd May Maggie Smith, Carole Widdison, Carol Easton and Annie spent two hours with Year 5 students at the above primary school. Forty two 11 year old’s with their teachers filled the classroom and were keen to take part in the lessons based on the new workbook entitled “The Happy Pets Workbook “.

Two of the students, Kyla Ben and Lara Hayatlar stood with the Education team to translate for their classmates.  They were amazing girls who  did the job confidently and accurately.

The students took part in activities and discussions and completed sections of the workbook based on what animals need to be happy and healthy, neutering and keeping safe around animals, stray dogs particularly.  The students were also old enough to help complete the mathematical calculations of how cat numbers increase so quickly without them being neutered. The workbook is then theirs to take home to go through with their families.

A big thank you to Head of Year 5, Gönül Kendir for organizing the lessons, the Headteacher Sonay Özgünan for welcoming us into  his school and the delightful translators for helping us. The school is also going to collect animal food for the KAR Rescue Centre during June.

This is the first time the team has taught in this school and look forward to visiting again.