December 11, 2023


By Heidi Trautmann …

It is like a breath of fresh air to see art other than from the island for a change, it gives one a new outlook, although, when I looked closer, I had seen the art of the three guest artists from Turkey, Prof.Dr. Ramiz Aydin, Prof.Dr. Ahmet Özol; Prof. Dr. Basri Erdem, two years ago at the SAKÜDER in Ankara, when I was there with Inci Kansu and Ismet Tatar. What a surprise.

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I had enjoyed their work then and now. I enjoy good composition and the brushwork and somehow minimalism because it concentrates on the theme the artist wants to deliver.

The fourth guest from Turkey was Rafiye Karaca with her powerful abstract paintings.

To see more about the artists click on the links shown.


Ramiz Aydin:    click here

Ahmet Özol:     click here

Basri Erdem:    click here

Rafiye Karaca:  click here

To round up the exhibition there is Zülal Karliova. I have met on some occasions at group exhibitions and lately with her solo exhibition in Girne. She was born in Girne in 1951. Her works in oil or acrylic on canvas or also on wood, concentrate on the masses, be it birds, fishes or human beings, fascinating.

Zülal Karliova:  click here










Enjoy the information and the photos I took at the opening evening at ART GALLERY Cyprus.

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