June 27, 2022

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay has said that Turkish Cypriots will attend all possible international platforms in order to express the views of the Turkish Cypriot people.Özersay was speaking in the TRNC, having returned from the OIC Extraordinary Summit in İstanbul.

Making a statement to the Turkish News Agency at Ercan Airport, Özersay said that he attended the meeting of Foreign Ministers and expressed the profound concerns of the Turkish Cypriot people regarding developments in Gaza.

Özersay stated that the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation meeting was held in İstanbul to facilitate a strong response from Islamic countries to the developments in Gaza.

Indicating that the TRNC took its place at the meeting as an observer member, Özersay added that as the Turkish Cypriot side they will make their presence felt at all possible international platforms in order to make the voice of the Turkish Cypriots heard.

The Foreign Minister added that he wants to make a call to the EU in this regard. The EU has not acted fairly towards the Turkish Cypriot side in the past, and Özersay called on Brussels to invite the Turkish Cypriot side to the EU summit meetings, at the very least.

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