Özersay: “Events in Palestine show that security arrangements of international organizations do not prevent such tragedies”


TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that developments in Palestine have shown once again that the UN Security Council is selectively blind to such unacceptable incidents, which underlines the fact that security arrangements left to these international organisations are incapable of preventing such tragedies.

Özersay attended Foreign Ministers Preliminary meeting within the context of the OIC Extraordinary Summit in İstanbul. In his speech, Özersay drew parallels with the situation faced by Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus, and said, “The legitimacy of the Turkish Cypriot people’s insistence on an effective guarantee system that will ensure the Turkish Cypriot people’s security has been confirmed once again by these events.”

Özersay added, “Both as an individual and as the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Turkish Cypriot State which is an observer member of the OIC, and which has experienced similar bitter experiences for many years, I want to express that we deeply feel and sympathise with the Palestinian people’s experiences.”