Ministry of Tourism and Environment staff receive ISO training


ISO 9001: 2015 ISO Quality Management System Training has been given to the staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

ISO Consultant, Instructor, Lead Auditor Latif Sakar, who made the pre-training opening speech, reminded that the Ministry of Tourism and Environment was the first ministry to receive this training in the TRNC in 2015.

Sakar stated that due to this update, the Ministry will be re-audited by the Institute in June for the period of the document from the Turkish Standards Institute. This activity, organized prior to the Sakar inspection, indicates that the personnel will be re-educated according to the standards of the day.

Minister Ataoğlu said that not only his own ministries, but all ministries should receive this training.  “We need to be at a point where we are keeping up with the developing technology of our country.”

Ataoğlu thanked all the personnel who participated in the training, noting that the quality of the work was at the forefront.

After the speeches a Certificate of Successful Completion was awarded to Ferhan Türker by Minister Ataoğlu.