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Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) – news update


By Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) …

Here is the latest news we have on the Distemper outbreak.

We are feeling a bit happier than we have for the last couple of weeks – still not on top form but certainly happier!  The latest update is that we now have 45 dogs who have come through their intensive treatment and are now on antibiotics, vitamins and analgesics – they are not safe yet but they are much improved on last week. Sadly we currently have 5 dogs who are CRITICALLY ill. Everything is being done, for them, that we can do. We are still seeing new dogs showing with symptoms every day BUT we have had NO deaths this week.

The bills for some of the medicines have just started arriving – GULP – but thanks to your fantastic support we have help towards some of them. If you can continue to support us we would really appreciate it – the bills will still keep coming for many weeks yet. We still need vitamins, disposable gloves, tinned dog food (to hide the tablets) etc.

It is not over yet and we know, as we have seen with this disease,  that we have to take each day as it comes.  But today is a far better day than 2 weeks ago – we are just hoping that tomorrow will be too.

Blakes Lounge Bar and Bistro in Alsancak raised a total of 1,070TL  on behalf of KAR at the recent Alternative Quiz Night, thank you everyone participated, it was apparently a great night and a big thank you.

We have now set up a Go Fund Me fundraising account – please, please donate whatever you can to help us treat this dreadful outbreak of Distemper at the rescue centre.

This is the link to our fundraising page click here