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The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) visit Cheshire Home, Girne

By Chris Elliott….

There was a time when I spent a great deal of time involved with Cheshire Home, the Bellapais Rehabilitation Centre and on  20th April I went there to meet an old friend Filiz Zihni who has been working there for many years.

I was also meeting with Pamela Tschersich, Events Manager and Horst Gutowski, Treasurer of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) who had come to make a donation to the centre which is not Government funded,  and therefore it is delighted to accept donations which enable them to continue to care for members of the community.

The TFR  members had generosity donated 15 chairs, 1 Wheelchair plus a walking frame which had been purchased from funds raised throughout the year through a TFR Tombola held at social meetings which had raised an amazing 1,420TL. In addition to this, Sandy Oram donated  a further 100TL as she had fond links with Cheshire Home as her late husband had served at one time on their committee.

Centre top: Pamela Tschersich, Filiz Zihni and Horst Gutowski