Girne rainwater drainage line is renewed with new precast system

A concrete mould system designed and implemented by the engineers of Girne Municipality, has resulted in work that would have taken 2 days to complete, is finished in 7 hours.

The damaged rainwater drainage line in Ecevit Street was repaired and a rainwater grating was installed in the area. Instead of digging and then pouring concrete, the “Precast concrete module system” designed by the city engineers was used. Thanks to this application, the work which would have taken 2 days was completed in 7 hours and this system reduced the road closure time.

Güngördü: the work and road closure time has shortened

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü emphasized that they need to follow technological development while working in the city and that they are making some adjustments in the infrastructure work of the municipal engineers by learning from the examples in the world. Nidai Güngördü stated that instead of pouring the concrete after digging, the previously prepared concrete mould was placed in the channels. Güngördü noted that the duration of the road closure was also reduced due to the shortening of the work done by using the precast concrete module system which has been adopted.