Wow, how fast time has passed


By Ahmet Abdulaziz……..

Frequently it happens that we feel that time is not passing, almost stopped or passing very slowly, and we get fed up and say it out loudly. But the  truth is that time never slows down or stops, it does not even increase its pace. It continues passing unnoticed, just like calm water. We do not feel it physically, but ultimately we find that it has passed. Then we say that the time has passed.

But in fact when we try to look back, we see that much time has passed, and we are galloping onwards everyday, with all of the present changing into the past.

I just recalled that it was the year 1968 when I first started learning to use a typewriter. For years and years I worked on typewriters, and then from there moved to computers. 50 years have passed since then.

Looking back it was the year 1966 when a new art teacher taught our class how to paint on a glass. For years I continued painting on glasses, and left no glass unpainted in our house. 52 years have passed.

I must have been 3 or 4 years old, when playing in front of our house, I went away on my own, unnoticed by the other children I was playing with, and lost my way. Someone had found me, and brought me back home, by which time my mother and grandmother had started rushing out in the area, shouting for me. My father had run to the police station. That had happened some 59 years ago.

It was the year 1969 when my father had sent me to a local drummer to learn to play drums. Since then for years I played on drums, forming an amateur group of my own with friends, and played in private functions. 49 years have passed since then.

At the age of 11 I had broken my front tooth, when playing cricket, after the wooden bails had hit me in mouth. I was the wicket keeper.  51 years have passed since I  left playing cricket

At the age of 17 I broke my arm twice, while playing hockey. (I wanted to be a member of the national hockey team), and I left playing hockey.  45 years have passed since that time.

At the age of 26 I participated in my first long distance (6 km) race, and finished last. 36 years have passed.

My first Letter to the Editor  (Daily DAWN) was published in the year 1975 or perhaps it was 1976.  Since then 42 years have passed.

My first article was published in THE TEENAGER magazine in 1976. 42 years have passed since then.

My father had taught me how to draw a portrait. I was in middle school then. About  52 years have since passed.

It was the year 1985 when the first exhibition of my paintings was held at the Arts Council of Pakistan.  Since then 33 years have passed.

In the year 1972 I boarded an airplane for the first time. 46 years have passed.

I visited Istanbul in December 1972, and took the most serious decision of my life, to leave my home country and to settle in Istanbul. However ultimately I settled in the TRNC, and not in Istanbul, but I am still in love with Istanbul. For the last 46 years my love for Istanbul is still as fresh as it was on the first day.

In 1991 I left my home country for good and landed in the TRNC. 26 years have passed.

The list is too long to be written. There are too many important milestones in my life, like everyone else. But I think the above list is sufficient to prove that time has passed too quickly. The time has passed, and is continuing passing, with the same speed. Tomorrow, looking back, we will again say that the time has passed with great speed. But in fact it does not change its speed.

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  1. Interesting article. So, from the undulating experiences of the past have you come to any conclusions about life and how this has affected your outlook on the world, people, and if you could change anything, past, present or future what would it be ?