Animal care

Street Cat Makeover : from “Street to Chic!”


 By Kim Betts – Kyrenia Animal Rescue …

We have had a very upsetting week with our dogs at the Centre as you know – but KAR’s other work and programs have been continuing – as Mr Frodo wants to tell you!

“At first I was unsure who I was and where mum was. She sometimes took me with her to find food, but I could wait for hours until she returned. One day she didn’t come back at all. I was very hungry and alone, so I followed some other street cats to a place that looked safe. Although I was bullied by some big male cats, I found a balcony where I could sleep and get something to eat and drink.

Each night I would look through the window and see two cats inside playing and cuddling up to each other. I struggled to fight off the big male cats for food and wondered when I grew up if I would spend my life fighting over the lady cats, being bitten and scratched…..

One day the window I was looking through opened and I was taken away to Kyrenia Animal Rescue [KAR] where the KAR doctor changed my future. The next thing I remember was feeling a bit sore and tired. I was back on my balcony in a basket. It felt cold at night and being very small, I started to cough, sneeze and shiver. Soon after, the window opened again and I was lifted into another world!  It was warm and I had a special bed which someone had given to Kyrenia Animal Rescue [KAR] and had been bought just for me! There was a kind person wiping my eyes and keeping my face clean. After a couple of days a brother was brought in to keep me company and help nurse me back to health.

At first I was a bit nervous, but as the dayspassed I started to feel much better and the KAR doctor made sure I had special medicine to make me better. I was even more surprised to find that more kind people had knitted sweaters for animals that might be feeling the cold and missing their mum. Soon I was up and about in my new home wearing a smart blue sweater. I have got a name now; they call me ‘Mr. Frodo’ and I stay with my two brothers in my lovely new home!

Thank you KAR (even if I did pull my jumper off after my picture was taken)”