PM Erhürman: “Relations with Turkey of vital importance for TRNC”


Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman stated that relations with Turkey are of vital importance for the TRNC, and cannot be compared with those between the TRNC and other countries.

Erhürman received the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Cyprus Affairs, Recep Akdağ yesterday. Speaking at the meeting, Erhürman stated that he had productive meetings with Turkish officials in Turkey, and that the outcome of these meetings had been well received.

Emphasizing the great importance attached to effort and efficiency as a government, Prime Minister Erhürman said that they are aware that Mr. Akdağ values this quality in the TRNC government, and added that they were glad to have found time to meet despite busy schedules.

Recep Akdağ, for his part, said: “The Turkish Cypriot people’s education, capabilities, and the potential of this land offer great opportunities to increase per capita income to $25,000. If we take these opportunities together, there will be no obstacle for the TRNC and Turkey to progress rapidly.”

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