North Cyprus Scene newspaper is not the real


By Chris Elliott…….

We have been publishing our online FREE weekly Enewspaper for the past 18 weeks during which we have seen the readership and subscriber list growing week on week.

Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard are

As many readers know the CyprusScene website has been publishing mainly news and reviews of North Cyprus for the past 6 years and our previous experiences as contributors to the long gone Cyprus Star and Cyprus Observer newspapers brought us many skills which have helped us when publishing on the internet.

From time to time we meet people and they say, Wow are you CyprusScene, because I have seen your newspaper to which we have to gently tell them that it is not ours. With our background, skills and flow of news we were instrumental in the creation of a Cyprus Scene newspaper which was published by a local businessman but after a short period with problems between us that were not resolved, we stepped away and the newspaper was renamed North Cyprus Scene and continues to this day and we now have no association with it.

For our part it was a great disappointment but you cannot keep a good man (and woman) down and it was onwards and upwards and we have now learned to create a highly successful online Enewspaper having mastered the art of pagemaking and this is published and distributed Free, every Friday evening to an increasing readership.

We are proud to have maintained our view that our Enewspaper should be different and focuses on the local communities and perhaps because of this the news and reviews being sent to us by contributors continues to grow.

So there we have it is not a conventional newspaper and it is online as an Enewspaper but a bi-product of our weekly output is we have a publishing file that could be sent to a printing house and if we wished we could start supplying a conventional newspaper on a Saturday as well.

Will we? We will just have to wait and see where our upward journey of discovery and success takes us next and we leave you here reading our website pages and also our last Enewspaper as below wondering what will come next?

Do enjoy!

Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard