December 9, 2023


By Margaret Sheard …

We were surprised and sorry to hear that not only are Steve and Denise Bisson giving up their line dancing and classes, but will also be leaving North Cyprus to return to Guernsey.

They have given a lot of thought to this decision and feel this is the right time to have a change of direction in their lives.

The Phoenix Line Dance Club have been appearing at the many festivals held around North Cyprus, for many years, and have always been very popular at these events.   The line dance classes have also been so popular and well attended.   I admit to having tried but was defeated, I think having 2 left feet didn’t help!!   I would have loved to master the art of line dancing but, unfortunately, it was not meant to be.  Thank you Steve and Denise for trying though.

This is what Steve has said:

The end of an era, that’s what everyone is saying! Yes, the day has finally come for us to give up teaching with Phoenix LDC, but we will carry so many wonderful, happy memories to wherever life leads us next.

Memories of teaching more than 800 different dances at venues such as; The Dome Hotel, Green Valley Restaurant, Açmenya Restaurant, Koca Reis, Almond Holiday Village, The Jam Bar, Mountain View Hotel, The Black Olive Café, Korineum Golf Club, The Secret Town Café, and who could forget the social nights at the Pia Bella Hotel, amongst other places, where Simon Burridge came to perform for us.

During our nine years with Phoenix we have made so many friends and met with a tremendous number of people. All that is left now is to say a very big, heartfelt thank you to all Phoenix members, past and present, for your support, and your friendship, we will miss you.

Steve & Denise

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See below a video of a line dance class held at Korineum Golf Resort


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