Ministry of Tourism and Environment carry out inspections


Ataoğlu: “Environmental audit results from the most intensive operations.  Our planned activities to restore sustainability in respect of the environment will continue”

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment carried out comprehensive inspections in respect of activities found to be polluting the environment.  As a result of the audits it carried out in March  in order to check the operation of facilities or activities based on Environmental Law, notices were issued to establishments where violations were found.

Within the scope of the Environmental Law, in the case of frequent inspections carried out by the branch units and regional units in March, criminal penalty notifications were issued to an enterprise within the scope of solid waste in the Girne region, a warning was given to an operation within the scope of noise pollution. District units that have carried out extensive inspections in the Magusa region have also given a penalty to a person who has destroyed Sand Lilies. In addition to routine night inspections, one of the businesses that had two milk dairy facilities audited was given a time related penalty in respect of waste water filling.

3 treatment plants, 1 recycling facility, 2 scrap facilities were inspected in the Guzelyurt area. The teams that carried out the inspections applied Cypruvex with 2 minimum wage penalties. During the inspection 1 person was penalised for throwing waste at Güzelyurt Dam.

In addition to routine national controls, 5 industrial wastewater treatment plants and 1 domestic wastewater treatment plant were also inspected to assess whether environmental requirements were being fulfilled.

Vehicle Exhaust Emission Control

Under the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, 358 motor vehicles were audited during the inspection of exhaust emission measurements throughout the country between 19th and 30th of March.  As a result of the inspections, notices were issued on 26 cars where exhaust gases were found to be above standards.

Car owners have 30 days to complete the maintenance and servicing of their vehicles and have received a written a notice to apply to the Environmental Protection Agency.  After the necessary services have been carried out, the notice for the drivers whose exhaust emissions are found to be sufficient for the after-control inspection will be invalidated. Drivers who do not perform their checks and maintenance will be penalized at the rate of the minimum wage.

“Our planned activities to restore sustainability in respect of the environment will continue”

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu said that “environmental issues and environment control issues, which are discussed all over the world to explore possible remedies, are at the beginning of the most intensive topics of the countries.”

Ataoğlu emphasized that the disasters that are happening in the world in respect of the environment lead to social sensitivity and consciousness. He emphasized that the sensitivity to environmental problems, which is a disruption of the Earth’s balance, is now more sensitive than in previous years.

Underlining the fact that planned activities were carried out to develop social consciousness in order to increase awareness about the environment, Ataoğlu emphasised that sustainability in all areas of life, especially in tourism, would only be possible in a healthy environment.

Ataoğlu said that the resources of the healthy future of the world come from consciously acknowledging the boundaries of what the planet can offer, “we shape our politics on the basis of these facts”.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Environment