Bita Rezaei – a talented artist

By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

The problem with most of the talented artists is that they usually under-estimate their talent. Initially they find it difficult to value their own art works.

They keep on working hard to come up with better results every time. Although the art lovers do not find chance to value the quality of their works, as a positive point, the hard work that such artists put in, ultimately leads to instant recognition of their talent by the art enthusiasts.

Bita Rezaei is such a young talented artist, who has worked hard to come up with fabulous pieces of her art. She intends to exhibit her paintings in the near future.

Bita is originally from Iran, and is here in the TRNC as student. She has well adapted herself in Cyprus. She has completed her graduation from the East Mediterranean University, and is going to do her masters from the Girne American University. Apart from her studies, she is active in local social life and is a well known figure in most of the events organised in Northern Cyprus.

I happened to have looked at some of her paintings recently, and found out that she has great talent as an artist. She has worked both in oil colours and acrylic, and is equally at ease in both mediums. She usually works in hot basic colours, and avoids layering the mixed colour shades. One may consider that a shortfall, but at the same time this practice of hers may be helpful in creating her own style and brand. She concentrates more on the basic drawing of the subject and coordinates it with the background.

She prefers to work on human figures, but each of her paintings carries a distinct style, which I hope is going to help in establishing herself as artist in the art world.

Bita is also interested in modelling, and is equally talented in that field also.