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Rauf Kasimov and his students in Bellapais 2018

By Heidi Trautmann …

Education in music or generally… ‘education in art’ … is preparation for life; it is to sharpen and develop senses; to be responsible for your acts; to cooperate and share; become self-confident and proud; to move properly in society, and to appreciate different cultures and people, it enriches and widens one’s horizon.

As Confucius quotes: ‘We have all the seeds in us, it is up to the gardener to develop them.’’ This is what I said in my conclusion to a talk (The importance of art education) I gave recently at METU some weeks ago. I believe in it, I believe that this way of education should start early in life. I also believe that the choice of the teacher is just as important in order to take over the role of the ‘gardener’ as Confucius so well said.

Proof again was the concert at the Bellapais Abbey, an event under the auspices of our First Lady, Meral Akinci, sponsored by The Cultural Department and organized by Cyprus Piano Culture and Art Association. The income of ticket sales was donated to Help Those with Cancer Association (TULIPS).

Here I give you the link to my review on one of Rauf Kasimov’s previous concerts, a concert in 2013, where some of his students of today were already on the stage with him.. click here

On Saturday, March 17, 2018 we could listen to 14 students again,  from very young and fresh ones to those who have had substantial training and experience, with the youngest being 7 years old and the oldest 20 years.

It was a beautiful concert again. It started with a musical ‘race’ with Gülce, Nihal, Can, Melay and Kayla together with Rauf Kasimov followed by some musical pieces written by Rauf Kasimov himself with titles such as Train, Mousy, Chinese Boy, Elephant and Sparrow, Horse, Bear in Forest….. simple and beautiful pieces for beginners. Well done!

The more experienced played pieces well chosen for them. What a pleasure to listen to them. Some have chosen music for their further education and have already received awards. The evening ended with Suna Alsancak who had started piano education at the age of five years with Rauf Kasimov, she is now 11 years old and has been given important awards several times. She wants to become a concert pianist.

A lovely reception followed after the concert where we had the chance to speak to the young artists and to congratulate and encourage them.

May your health improve, dear Maestro Rauf, so that you may continue to take the young musical talents under your musical wings.

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